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The Balti Palace - Fully Licensed Indian Restaurant Glossop

Take-Away Menu

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All starters served with salad and mint source

Traditional Favorites

The following dishes can be prepared with Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka or Tandoori King Prawn at an additional charge. Rice is not included with the following dishes.
Korma - Cooked with coconut, fresh cream and sugar to form a mild, sweet and creamy flavoured dish. (Mild)
Madras - Garlic, exotic ground spices and a touch of lemon juice combined to form a dish of medium consistency. (Hot)
Vindaloo - Similar to the Madras but utilising a greater range of hot spices to form a fiery hot dish. (Very Hot)
Bhuna - A special blend of spices and tomatoes. Fried and cooked together in a sauce of medium consistency. (Medium)
Rogan Josh - Delicately spiced and cooked with garlic, ginger, ground spices and the characteristic use of capsicum and tomatoes. (Medium Hot)
Dupiaza - A delicious dish prepared with an abundance of fried onions, tomatoes and green peppers. (Medium)
Pathia - Liberal use of tomato puree and hot spices combine to form a unique, hot, sweet and sour dish. (Fairly Hot)
Samber - Prepared with lentils and lemon juice to lend a sharp, distinctive flavour to this favourite Southern Indian dish. (Fairly Hot)
Dansak - Medium, sweet and sour taste. Cooked with lentils, pineapple, garlic, ginger and medium spices. (Medium)
Jalfrezi - Preparation of onions, green & red peppers, green chillies, garlic, ginger & fresh coriander to create a hot yet classic dish.

Tandoori Specialities

Chicken or Lamb marinated in yogurt with herbs and spices in a specially prepared massala sauce and barbecued in a clay oven. Served with pilau rice, salad and curry sauce of your choice.
Indian Resteraunt Glossop

Chef's Recommendations

These dishes include rice, chips, nan or chapati.
The following dishes are cooked with delicious pre-marinated and barbecued Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka or Tandoori King Prawn.
Balti Chilli Cooked in herbs and spices with green chillies to give a hot and spicy taste.
Jalfrezi A fairly hot curry cooked with onions, capsicum and fresh green chillies.
Chilli Massala Cooked with fresh spices and green chillies and a touch of massala sauce in a hot spicy sauce.
Karahi These dishes are delicately spiced with fresh herbs and spices. Cooked with onions, capsicum and garnished with coriander.
Massala Cooked in mild spices, massala sauce and fresh cream to give a rich creamy taste.
Chat Massala Exotic medium spices with chick peas and medium spices garnished with coriander.
Passanda Mild spices, coconut, almond powder and fresh cream to form a rich creamy sauce.
Makhani Cooked with butter and ginger in a mild almond sauce with mango.
Cheese Kufta Chicken marinated in yogurt, herbs and spices. Cooked with meatballs and cheese.
Balti Jeera Stir fried in a medium sauce with cumin seeds, herbs and spices.
Garlic Chilli Fresh chillies, tomatoes, coriander and richly flavoured massala sauce.
Nepalese A very spicy and aromatic dish prepared with Nepalese chilli sauce, red peppers, whole dried red chillies, a very satisfying dish.
Cham Cham Whole breast of chicken cooked in a special balti sauce with green peppers and tomatoes.
Achari Cooked with pickle, tempered with mustard, green chillies and coriander.
Chakori Specially marinated chicken, barbecued in a charcoal clay oven then cooked with a delicious blend of herbs and green chillies in an authentic sauce prepared with an abundance of spices. Garnished with fresh cream and coriander.
Naga A special blend of spices and tomatoes. Fried and cooked together with chicken tikka or lamb tikka in a sauce of fairly hot consistency and nagga pickle.
Balti Peswar Almonds, coconut, sugar and cream.
Tandoori Chicken Chat - £7.75 Half a tandoori chicken marinated in special tandoori sauce and then barbecued in a clay oven. The chicken is then sliced off the bone and cooked in an authentic spicy chat massala sauce.
Kosha Mangsho (Lamb) - £7.75 Specially marinated lamb stir fried with an abundance of spices with onions, green peppers, green chillies, tomatoes and potatoes. All the ingredients are cooked simultaneously to perfection forming a dish of dry consistency.
Balti Exotica - £8.75 Combination of lamb, chicken and king prawn cooked in a medium spiced balti sauce. Authentically prepared with fresh herbs and spices.
Balti Palace Special Mix - £9.50 A special mix of spices and tomatoes, fried and cooked together with chicken tikka, lamb tikka, and king prawn tikka in a sauce of medium to hot consistency.

Balti Specialities

Balti dishes are cooked in a specially prepared balti sauce and green spices and herbs, garnished with fresh coriander. Medium spiced.

Mashur Dishes

Medium hot, cooked in a special balti sauce with strong spices, onions, fresh coriander, green chillies, tomatoes, garlic, ginger and a touch of yogurt. Garnished with lemon, tomato and cucumber.
Indian Resteraunt Glossop

Biryani Dishes

This is a traditional dish from the times of the Moghul Emperors. Prepared with fragrant basmati rice, almonds and sultanas. Served with an omelette and a vegetable curry sauce.
Indian Takeaway Glossop

Healthy Options

Marinated chicken with herbs, cooked with spinach paste (less spices).
Tender cubes of lamb cooked with roast cumin seeds on a slow fire.
Cubes of lamb cooked on a slow heat with yoghurt and mild spices.

Vegetarian Selection

takeaway curry Glossop

Vegetarian Side Dishes

All the following are all suitable for vegetarians.
Indian Takeaway Glossop


takeaway curry Glossop
takeaway curry Glossop

English Dishes

Served with chips, fresh garden peas and salad.
Indian Takeaway Glossop




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Please note that all of our dishes may contain traces of nuts. Pictures are for illustration purposes only.

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The Balti Palace
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Balti Palace